Flexible Circuits


A “flex circuit” is a pattern of conductive traces bonded on a flexible substrate.

Polyester film is one of the best options for printing flexible circuits because it has chemical and heat-resistant properties which provide great performance for all conductive inks printed on them.

Adhesives can be also printed or laminated on the rear side of the circuit.

Surface mounting components like resistors, LEDs and capacitors can be assembled onto the flexible circuit.

Thin insulation and stiffeners are also good options for this product.

We offer the following type of flexible circuits:

  • IPC 6013 – Type 1
    – Single-sided flexible printed boards containing one conductive layer, with or without stiffeners.
  • IPC 6013 – Type 2
    – Double-sided flexible printed boards containing two conductive layers with plated-through holes (PTHs), with or without stiffeners.
  • IPC 6013 – Type 3
    – Multilayer flexible printed boards containing three or more conductive layers with PTHs, with or without stiffeners.

All flexible circuits are put through the highest levels of testing and inspection.